NIPUN Bharat Mission 2023: Objectives, Benefits, Features & Related FAQs

The NIPUN Bharat Mission or National Initiative for Reading with Comprehension and Numeracy has been launched by the Ministry of Education of India under the National Education Policy 2020. This program ensures that every child in India has mastered basic numeracy and literacy skills by the end of her third grade. NIPUN Bharat focuses on transforming a monotonous education system into an integrated, fun, inclusive and engaging system.

Instruct teachers and educators to create study plans that develop students’ literary and basic language skills. Additionally, as part of the Smagra Siksha, it works to keep students up to completion of basic learning, enhance learning or training modules, empower teachers, and track each child’s progress. The NIPUN mission plans to achieve the discussed goals by 2026-2027.

NIPUN Bharat Mission 2023: Objectives, Benefits, Features & Related FAQs

NIPUN Bharat Mission 2023 Highlights

The main objective of Nipun Bharat Yojana is to develop basic literacy and numeracy knowledge among the students. Through this scheme, by the end of third grade by the year 2026-27, the student will get the ability to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

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Beneficiaries of NIPUN Bharat Mission 2023

Who are the beneficiaries of the NIPUN Bharat Yojana Mission? Below are the beneficiaries of the program. The scheme focuses on children in the group aged 3 to her 9 years old. We also support children from preschool to 3rd grade.

Non-basic children studying in 4th grade and her 5th grade are provided with peer support, tutoring, and additional learning materials to enhance their teaching skills. By 2026-2027, NIPUN plans to reach the set targets through private and government-sponsored schools. This will help you achieve universal achievement in your FLN skills. Let’s take a look at how the NIPUN Bharat mission works to get a better understanding of how it works.

Features of the NIPUN Bharat Mission 2023

These are the benefits that the NIPUN program offers to its beneficiaries. The goals of this program are similar to those of Target for Literacy Foundation and Numeracy or Lakshya Soochi.

By the end of the third grade, it is planned to achieve the desired learning success. This program has moved Lakshath from Barbatika to her third grade to raise awareness of this goal among parents, volunteers and the community. Raksha has been established according to international and ORF research guidelines. NCERT also plans curriculum.

This follows a five-step implementation mechanism established at the national, state, district, block and school levels in all states and UT. The NIPUN schema provides a special package for FLN under NISTHHA. Under this plan, pre-primary to primary school teachers will be trained. 

NIPUN Bharat Mission works to improve children’s performance and learning abilities. For example, after passing grade 3, a child should be able to read a comprehensive text of at least 60 words per minute correctly.

What are the expected outcomes of the NIPUN Bharat mission

  1. Below are the expected results of the NIPUN Bharat mission. Improve children’s basic skills to reduce school dropouts.
  2. Increase the number of elementary school, high school, and secondary school graduates.
  3. Improve the quality of education through informative and action-oriented education. Practice unique toy-based teaching and experiential teaching methods to make your sessions fun and interesting.
  4. Creation of training modules focused on developing motor and physical skills, emotional and social skills, cognitive skills, numeracy, literacy, life skills, etc.
  5. Review each child’s overall development as tracked in reports.
  6. Encourage children to achieve rapid learning in preparation for future needs such as finding a job or making life choices.
  7. Create creative assessments such as quizzes, games, and surveys. This is important information about the NIPUN Bharat Mission and its activities. Individuals should encourage eligible children to take advantage of this program.
  8. This ensures that they receive a quality education. 

FAQ about NIPUN Bharat mission

What is the full form of NIPUN Bharat?

The full name of this mission is National Initiative For Proficiency in Reading with Understanding & Numeracy.

When did the Nipun Bharat Mission start?

NIPUN India was launched on 5 July 2021 by the Department of Education.

What is the main objective of NIPUN Bharat?

To improve the writing, reading and arithmetic abilities of pre-school (grade-3) students aged 4 to 10 years by providing them with basic literacy and numeracy knowledge.

What are the major components of Nipun Bharat Mission?

Data retention, Mathematical communication, Patterns, Measurement, Numbers and operation on number patterns etc., and Basic language and oral language development of literacy, Reading comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary, Decoding etc.

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